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Crypto cats accidentally test the metaverse theory

Meanwhile in a Metaverse opening near you, it appears that the theory of the multiverse is starting to show blips in our matrix. As the recent the OG of Trading-Card NFT’s: “CryptoKitties” hadhardforked to its own independent chain powered by quantum-miners just yesterday. Hours after, the Genesis card disappeared completely from the hardforked chain with no explanation in sight. Analysts have linked this event with the recent opening of a temporal rift appear near the Chiliz Blockchain Campus in Malta. Activity has since spiked as local citizens mention paranormal activity unfolding with onlookers nearby the event horizon hearing “Meows” in their heads. Mass hysteria or a metaverse clue? More in page 11.

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We pioneer paragon HYPE GENERATION FOR ingenious blockchain ventures.

A closed-circuit marketing agency engaged in serving the industry's finest.

TokenDon specializes in building active communities for both pre and post-launch stages.
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Our team consists of full-time crypto veterans in the crypto PR and growth hacking space, with a cumulated experience spanning over 20 years. Consider us your personal hype factory. We’ve crafted unrivaled growth hacking techniques that never fail to build brand awareness. It's time to capitalize on all social media opportunities together.

We’ve worked with over 120 clients individually within various teams, and formed TokenDon to collectively leverage our skill sets in delivering premium community growth to the market’s most promising projects. Leverage our all-inclusive marketing packages and claim market prominence today.

4chan meme sets Crypto on fire in recent rug news

Just when you thought it was all bulls and sunshine in this market, it couldn’t have been more wrong for the recent unlucky rug-pulled apes. Local anon stumbles upon what he assumed was the next $LINK and began preaching on the /biz/ imageboard prophetically day to day under the pseudonym **ChadProfits**. But things went south as developers dropped a rug meme in one of his daily threads and proceeded to siphon all liquidity in a massive sell-off event. “DIAMOND HANDS” he posts in caps lock, flapping his arms to assert dominance and reassurance to his followers in a video call behind his Guy-Fawkes mask in his discord nitro-boosted server. All this while his mortgage disappears into thin air. More on this in page 5.

Reddit Moonshot entered earth's orbit. Nasa shocked

Memecoins are on the exponential rise with more shitcoins-than-you-can-handle in remotely every telegram crypto group and “forex” chat. This is no anomaly on Reddit either – until this last Wednesday when a coordinated marketing stunt was pulled off by Project Illuminati with an anonymous team that began posting images of a fleet of unidentifiable floating objects in space with a translucent cargo holding a reported 999 ledgers each. Nobody knew if these were photoshopped, but as more pictures unfolded it became clear this was not your typical shitpost. The telegram chat has since blown up to 543K members and the most recent announcement mentioned the drops are coming in orbit. This has been confirmed by Area 51’s United States Air Force (USAF​) and NASA.Is this the airdrop of the century?

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PR & Content

As professional word jugglers, we write to inform, convert, and impress. Utilize our network of PR opportunities to make your voice heard. We'll take care of content creation, translation, and distribution.

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Viral Social Marketing

Consider us your personal hype factory. We’ve crafted unrivaled growth hacking techniques that never fail to build brand awareness. It's time to capitalize on all social media opportunities together.

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Marketing Campaigns

Looking to host an IDO? Let's make your token sale a guaranteed success. We handle marketing campaigns from the get-go to attract investors and help you secure funding.

Meet our strategists

While TokenDon provides standardized marketing services, we like to get up close and personal.

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A seasoned relationship builder with a keen eye for innovation.

0xJustice strategizes impactful campaigns that drive awareness to cutting-edge ventures. With a strong network and crypto prowess, he engages in shrewd dialogue with those passionate about reshaping the world's financial framework.

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Ex operations director for one of the largest blockchain marketing agencies in the space, now turned creative director. A Jack of all trades, creative wizard & DeFi growth-ops veteran.

0xFerret brings forward exceptional experience in managing tailored pre & post launch channel-agnostic growth activities and campaigns for all sorts of projects - from the L1s, L2s, and NFTs, to /memecoins/ and beyond.

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There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to being a PR agent. From tenacious media pitching to content development. 0xAgent takes on full accountability and pride in making his client's lives easier.

Proactively supporting brands in developing their profile and known in the industry, 0xAgent helps his clients tap into a vast network of journalists, publications and agents.

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The brains behind the TokenDon Operations. 0xAlpha coordinates the entire growth squad from the back-end to the front-end.

As a growth hacker, coordinator, and business developer, he is passionate in developing and executing ingenious marketing campaigns with tangible impact.

Game changing pr you'll need

Your Web3 Wizards

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If you wish to go deeper down the rabbit hole and explore the inner-workings of crypto marketing success, let us be your advisors.

With deeply-ingrained experience, we'll guide you through a sea of marketing mechanics and emerging opportunities.